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Expansion / Growth plans

Written by David Henry on . Posted in news

We all understand that we are in tough times and far from ideal for doing business, but on the bright side of things it can only get better.

Midway through 2010 we (Kyle Cleaning Services Ltd) were left with a choice to make an investment and expand or risk disappearing. The term ‘invest’ in this case meant our time and energy.  Over the past six years we have slowly become bigger and bigger employing more and more people and winning more and more contracts.  But this seemed to be slowing.

We knew we had to expand both our range of services and geographical base.  In the summer of 2010 we decided to move to a much larger premise so that we could consolidate both our office needs with storage.  The move also allowed us to develop on site decontamination units which will allow us to develop on site decontamination units which will be used in the sanitation of medical devices such as beds, wheelchairs and mattresses.
Along with this we have hired sales agents to assist us in training identifying and winning contracts.

Although we are now only in the second month of 2012 things are looking very good for us.  We have a new found hunger to succeed and, we believe, ability to make it happen.  Fingers crossed for a good year.